After life effects

Lately, came to think of the impact and effect of death to both the deceased and the loved ones left behind. The only super tragedy that happens to the deceased is that they loose their live. To the loved ones, several things happens that are hard for them to bare with,they can’t really fill theContinue reading “After life effects”

Good old clear sky.

Around 10:00hrs on a new weekend day, my skies are clear blue with a horizontal view of mt. Kenya forest a region of conducive climate throughout the year. It reminds me of my childhood when everything looked Okay and i wished to grow up fast but now nothing looks Okay. Humans as well as animalsContinue reading “Good old clear sky.”

The dog guy

Nothing as far as am concerned can replace my love for dogs as pets. Hoping for some information on how to train dogs and keep the disciplined.

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